BOSSFAQ lesson 1 - SS and MIJ

When Boss started to produce compact pedals in -77 they had this little silverscrew instead of those awful plastic screws. These are my five pedals with silverscrew. The little Bossfaq includes the word SS which means silverscrew. Another word is Mij which means "Made in Japan". When boss moved their production from Japan to Taiwan in the early 90's a new era of Boss pedals started. Pedals made in Japan has become sought after and some pedals are very expensive and rare. There are a lot of small details that collectors is watching for. The SS is one of those. Mij is another. I will give you more info 'bout this another time.

Postat av: Hitcha?

Screw silverscrew and MiJ isn't a word.

Tack för mig

2008-11-30 @ 00:12:41

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