Do you got someone that you share your collecting with? Someone that you feel is thinking just like you are thinking and playing just the way you are playing? I got a friend that I call my soulmate in more than one way. We actually have a strange and cool story that we could tell when we meet someone. I want to share it with you.

When I was two years old I was put at a day nursery for children in a church near Gothenburg. (Vallhamra Kyrkan, Prästkragens Förskola) I met my only memory from this time "Valdemar Landgren". We were having fun together, playing like children do. We were best friends for two years. When I was four "Valle" and his family moved to Mariestad and two years after that me and my family moved. At this point we had no contact with each others at all.

Over the years I've been thinking of what Valle was doing, but still no contact. Last year, 15 years later, I started a new education at the Institution of Faith and Music. Who was studying in the same class? Valdemar of course. The last peice of my soul was found and I felt whole again. For fifteen years I've been thinking and there he was. The funny thing is that we've been walking next to each other but in different parts of Sweden.

We were both playing Fender Stratocaster with a lot of distortion and delay. We were both in love with the music of Matt Bellamy of Muse. But the most important thing... We had the same thoughts of music. He was thinking the same things that I was thinking. I think that is very cool... You can listen to what we've done on

Me to the left and Valle to the right.

Me on a gig with Narkissus

Valle on the same gig. (There were a lot of bands and the music stand is not ours)


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