"T WAH" of the 80's

For a few years I started collect pedals and my first pedal(s) was bought at an auction in Gothenburg. For like 100$ I got a TW-1 and a DF-2. I really liked my TW-1, but traded it with another collector here in Sweden. For two years I searched for a new one (but an old one). And suddenly I found one on internet and the week after I found another one very cheap so for the moment I actually got two. But the thing with this pedal is that it from the beginning was named "Touch Wah" and as a collector I would love to have this pedal too. Boss made three different cosmetic labels of this pedal and I do not got the first on.

I have'nt told you what kind of pedal this is yet.. This is an extraordinary auto wah. Perfect for funky rhytms. 


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